Service Installation Types

100% solids epoxy flooring
anti-microbial flooring
chemical containment flooring
chemical resistive flooring
concrete joint work (cutting filling) flooring
concrete sealing flooring
containment berms flooring
diamond grinding
epoxy flooring
existing demolition
flat work flooring
floor prep
floor removal
mma methyl methacrylate flooring
moisture mitigation flooring
non-skid flooring
orange peel flooring
poured flooring
quartz flooring
ramping flooring
resinous flooring
safety flooring
safety line striping flooring
seamless flooring
shot blasting
slab testing flooring
smooth flooring
spark proof flooring
specialty floor pitching
stair case treading flooring
static dissipative flooring
underlayments flooring
urethane flooring
vinyl chip flooring
waterproof flooring

Service Types

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government


Epoxy Flooring Applications & Industries

+ ASPCA / animal shelter
+ animal care
+ automotive
+ bathrooms
+ clean rooms
+ commercial & residential kitchens
+ handicap environments
+ bakery
+ basement
+ chemical containment
+ chemical resistive
+ chemical storage
+ colleges
+ commercial coolers
+ coolers
+ custodial
+ dog kennel
+ dormitory
+ drainage areas
+ federal & local government
+ food prep
+ food processing
+ garage
+ jewelry manufacturing
+ machine shop
+ manufacturing
+ mechanical room
+ pharmaceutical buildings
+ pool decks
+ precious metal facilities
+ restaurants
+ schools
+ shower refinishing
+ spark proof
+ static free
+ veterinarian
+ water containment
+ wet Areas

Customer Service Warrantee

We offer a 1 year warranty based on workmanship and quality. Our manufacturers offer a 1 year product warranty.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Customer satisfaction. Knowing that we have provided premium service and installing quality finished products that increase the appearance, value, safety and functionality of a client’s home or business.

What drives N.Y. Concrete Construction Co. Inc.?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Providing premium services that increase the appearance, value, safety and functionality of a client’s home or business.

Why choose N.Y. Concrete Construction Co. Inc. for your flooring?

Durability, Strength, functionality, cleanliness, longevity. Our floors are installed to last and provide function to any area they are installed. They are easy to clean/maintain and can withstand heavy abuse and traffic. Installed correctly and maintained properly, our seamless systems are the cleanest, easiest up keep and functional types of flooring on the market. No matter what your needs are, we have a system that will help your business thrive.

What Our Flooring Systems Offer

Durability, strength, functionality, cleanliness, and a professional look that can increase your business’s bottom line. We have a system that will help your business thrive.

Why choose N.Y. Concrete Construction Co. Inc.?

Attention to detail and our attention to customer needs. We always finish within schedule and on budget. We have been in business over 65 years and have never had a formal lawsuit due to product failure or installation failure. We always take proper precaution prior to install and we always meet substrate preparation requirements prior to install. Cutting corners is never an option for us. By using the same method on every job we ensure that our floors are installed flawlessly and will last.

Concrete Testing

We offer relative humidity testing and concrete core testing to determine slab moisture and contaminate in order to properly suggest which flooring products to use based on individual jobs.

Maintenance / Prevention Plans

N.Y. Concrete Construction Co. Inc. offers yearly inspections at no cost to detect possible problems that may be occurring to have a chance to fix them before a problem escalates.

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